NEW! Kyle Kaine Range

Kyle Kaine is a fresh, new and extremely talented wig designer.

Check out his Brand New Range here

New - Gabor!

New to the UK from Kyle Kaine; Check out the Gabor Range at the link:

The Gabor Range 

New - Pixie!

Wig Hair Specialist

Belle Madame

Belle Madame

Hair Wig

Hair Wig

Hair Wig

Human Hair Wig

Belle Madame Wigs Range Including Human Wig Hair and Lightweight Wigs

Wig Hair Specialist

These 3 ranges of wigs represent the best quality

that we have been able to find. Continental Wigs are

the exclusive distributors of Belle Madame Wigs for

the UK. The ranges include Human Wig Hair and

Hand Tied Monofilament lace front wigs which are

the creme de la creme of non-bespoke hairpieces.

These wigs have given the highest levels of customer

satisfaction in feedback from our associated mail

order business.

The Belle Madame wigs range is only available to UK customers.

The Classic Wigs Range
The Classic Range offers hair fashion in wefted wigs, some with monofilament crowns and 2 or 3 tone colour blends. The colour distribution across the head mimics that which occurs in real life, offering the most natural appearance possible.
The Exclusive Wigs Range
The Exclusive Range was designed with medical and high grade demand for alternative hair systems in mind. These Wigs are all hand made and the majority have a Monofilament crown.
Belle Madame Human Wig Hair
This Range of Wigs and Hairpieces is quite simply our Most Exclusive.
Lightweight Wigs
The collection of Belle Madame Lightweight Wigs

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